Elatu is a lawless, barren world near the edge of Sunean-controlled space. Though the world is not nominally under Confederation control, a small Sunean squatter settlement does exist on its surface. The planet is scarred by the wreckage of hundreds of ancient warships. The dunes of Elatu remain a favored destination for salvage companies, pirates, and mercenaries alike.

The day and night cycle on Elatu is much shorter than those of most other inhabitable worlds. The surface is largely desertified, with what water survives residing mainly in underground aquifers. The hardy scrublands that exist outside of the scorching desert shelter many small, energetic fauna.

Elatu remained uninhabited by humans until 2275 SL, when the Empire of Haven’s Astronomical Research Institute decided to send expeditionary teams to Elatu and another neighboring world. The scientists and explorers sent to that latter world were lost in a terrible accident; Elatu alone was deemed suitable for colonization.

The colonists who settled this world for the Empire were comprised of a diverse mixture of entrepreneurs, working-class citzens, and societal outcasts. The atmosphere of the colony was egalitarian for its time, transcending class differences. The colonial economy centered largely on subsistance farming — there was little of strategic interest to the Empire here.

A mere four years after humans first set foot on Elatu, the alien Outsiders invaded Imperial space. Though insignificant economically, the Elatu system was of great importance due to its strategic defensive position. The Royal Navy sent nearly two hundred vessels to the colony in an effort to buy time for the main Sunean worlds in the face of the Outsider onslaught. The Imperial commander’s fleet was completely annihilated by the alien foe, the discarded remains of his vessels crashing to the surface of Elatu in a tremendous downpour of men and metal.

The colony was subsequently razed from orbit by the Outsider fleet.

Elatu was virtually ignored by the surviving powers in the chaos that followed the Outsider War. At the turn of the 25th century, intrepid groups of mercenaries and junkers began exploring the surface once more. Often these organizations would find themselves at odds with one another. Violent dust storms and difficult terrain complicated search efforts as well. To top things off, the gradual strengthening of the Sunean Confederation was accompanied by an increase in Sunean raids on would-be Elatu “pirates”.

Sunean colonists, dissatisfied with the way of life that exists back home, have resettled Elatu. Their city of Tegea is not officially under Confederation control, but has given the Sunean navy an excuse to deploy further troops to the potentially valuable region. Sunean engineering teams have begun excavating some of the starships that crashed onto this world nearly 200 years ago. It is anyone’s guess what they will find.


Satellites: 0
Diameter: 6,295 km
Length Of Day: 11 Standard Hrs
Dominant Terrain Classification: Desert/Scrubland

Capitol: Tegea
Population: Est. 27,000
Allegiance: Independent (Sunean Leanings)

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