A loose collection of nominally independent worlds bound together by cultural and trade interests, the Sunean Confederation is undoubtedly the strongest political, economic and military force in known space.

Sunean Faction Logo


Centuries ago, in the golden era of the ancient Empire of Haven, the Suneans were a favored minority.  Sunean scientists were responsible for the discovery of the superconductive material Nemetite, and the consequent invention of energy shield technology.   The Sunean Shield Guild thus rose to prominence as an important institution in Sunean society, and over time came to control the ships and soldiers of the Sunean fleets.   Largely spared much of the devastation of the alien Outsider invasion that dismantled the Empire, Sunean worlds were able to jump back on their feet within a relatively short time span.  Sunean politicians and guildsmen now work to expand the Confederation’s influence throughout the rest of the galaxy, as many long for a return to the stable days of the old Empire.

Sunean Rapid Response Teams are an effective marine strike force, deployed from Guild ships to hotspots of unrest or criminal activity.  Air and space weaponry come at a high cost in the modern economy, and Sunean planners have shifted doctrine accordingly to focus on ground-based assaults.   Sunean forces favor a mix of strong, well protected armored vehicles and highly trained infantry.   The variety of equipment they employ ensures that Confederation forces can adapt to any type of battlefield situation on the fly.

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Superior Shielding
*It should come as no surprise that almost every Sunean vehicle model comes standard with hardy energy shields, given that the technology was itself first invented on Sunea.   These barriers regenerate when not in combat, giving damaged vehicles the opportunity to recover a portion of their combat strength if they can escape the fray.

Strength In Numbers
*The Confederation’s military has enjoyed a large influx of volunteers in recent years.  Since the Sunean automotive industry shows no signs of slowing down, this can only mean that Rapid Response teams will continue to increase their combat strength in the coming months.

What’s The Biggest Gun You Have?
*While they make use of rocketry and of laser weapons on occasion, Sunean doctrine favors large, conventional cannons for most of their assault platforms.   These cannons pack a large punch and are capable of punching through shields with only a few rounds on target.

*Sunean society is strongly democratic in nature, and each member world of the Confederation fights fiercely for its own interests within Congress.  The soldiers of the Rapid Response Teams are inspired to fight for their nation, for it represents the individual freedom of each of its citizens.

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