Under the watchful eye of their leader, Myra Christos, the mercenary Knights of EOS do their best to make ends meet.


Many of humanity’s finest cities laid in ruins at the conclusion of the Outsider invasion. The civil strife that erupted between the Empire’s various peoples in the chaos that followed only added to the hardships faced by those living on the afflicted worlds. From these ashes, the Knights of EOS, agents of rebirth, emerged to fill the vaccum left by the collapse of Imperial infrastructure and services. For the last two hundred years, EOS has focused on speeding the reconstruction of devastated areas and townships. They have funded their efforts through the salvage of starships left to rot across the galaxy, the discarded remains of the brutal Outsider War.

Though their numbers are few, the sentinels of EOS fervently believe in thir cause. EOS mercenaries are often selected as much for their compassion and their carpentry abilities as they are for their combat skills. The inherent danger of running salvage operations in a lawless galaxy has necessitated that EOS invest in armored vehicles to protect their assets from other mercenaries and pirates. A wide array of highly personalized equipment defines the makeup of the EOS combat group, with vehicles and components coming from all corners of known space. EOS’s flagship, the Zephyr, is equipped with Apeliotes-class dropships capable of deploying to any type of planetary surface within twenty minutes of launch. The Zephyr’s high-speed Christiansen drive can take EOS from one end of the galaxy to another in less than a week, giving the organization unparalleled flexibility in seeking out jobs.


Modular Vehicles
*EOS tankers have shown a willingness to upgrade their vehicles in unconventional and often dangerous ways. Freed from a reliance on mass-produced vehicle models, the Knights often have the edge over their opponents in vehicular quality.

The Galaxy’s Best Crew
*There may not be enough soldiers in EOS’s ranks to warrant the label of ‘army’, but the men and women that are in the organization’s employ are second to none. EOS mercenaries have seen it all, and nothing fazes them in combat.

Tactical Flexibility
*Myra Christos has encouraged an “anything goes” attitude when it comes to doctrine. EOS soldiers can gear their vehicle towards brute strength, stealth, hit-and-run — however they see fit… as long as it gets the job done.

*Everyone who is inducted into the Knights of EOS has demonstrated a concern for the welfare of their fellow man. But humanitarian concerns aside, it’s still important at the end of the day that everyone on the Zephyr gets a paycheck. To this end, the Knights often take daring chances with their lives if it means that they get that sweet, sweet cash.


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