Allis Kampf

Female, Age 28
Resident of Blenby
Lieutenant, Knights of EOS

Allis Kampf

From day one, Kampf was profoundly fascinated by business — and money. As a child, Kampf spent countless hours at the markets on her homeworld, bartering and haggling with the best of them. Finding her opportunities for profit at home limited, Kampf faked her own graduation from university and quickly affiliated herself with a mercenary group, the Traveling Troopers. Kampf gained valuable combat experience during her time with the Troopers, but treasured her black market cash flow more. After being expelled from the Troopers for expropriation, Kampf made her way to the Knights of EOS, who were looking for new talent. Although Kampf is financially-oriented almost to a fault, she is a dependable friend with a strong, if often ignored, moral compass.

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