Myra Christos

Female, Age 32
Stateless Person
Head of the Knights of EOS

Myra Christos

Myra was groomed from birth to be a leader. Raised by her father, the then-head of the Knights of EOS, Myra was thrust into a program of rigorous self-study and physical exercises during her youth.   Over time, the ideals of EOS came to mean much to the younger Christos, who believed it to be her personal duty to aid the galaxy’s reconstruction.   As she grew older, Myra took part in the armored escort operations EOS often ran when working in hostile planetary environments, and gained significant experience in combat.  Her father’s sudden heart attack at the age of 54 left Myra temporarily stunned and without direction.   However, thanks to her own steely determination and the unwavering support of those around her, Myra rose to the occasion and became, undoubtedly, the captain at the helm of EOS.

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