We are Reluctant Koala Studios, and we are making “Armour on the Wastes,” which sets you down as a mercenary in a battle worn tank at the edge of outer space. Where else would you possibly want to be?


Austin Gunsauley  is our project manager and also handles most coding, writing, and design responsibilities. After majoring in History and Geography, he now spends his 9-5 testing software for a Seattle based startup. He spends his early mornings (plus sometimes all other times of day) working on AOTW and toward a full time indie dev career. Austin is also the original idea man and recruiter behind AOTW – adroitly using wit, magic spells, and blackmail to build a strong team. Austin brings a wide variety of creative experiences to the team from novella writing, to strategy game modding, to cat herding. If you’d like to talk with him about AOTW or other indie dev topics, feel free to reach out to him on Twitter @AGunsauley. Just be careful about mentioning lasers.


Mike is our business manager. After majoring in Business and becoming a successful intern, Mike decided to test his self-esteem by engaging in a technical pastime and learning about the indie dev world. The biggest strengths Mike brings to the team are an ability to learn quickly on the job and to speak sweet words of honey to new recruits.

Wu-Gene Bio Pic_Cropped

Wu-Gene Hong is our artist and all around director of anything that’s visually creative. Landing Wu-Gene on the team required a great pursuit. In fact, you might say he’s kind of like our Great White Buffalo. A Seattle native, Wu-Gene decided to take his talents to the East and study art in New York City. After initially studying comic art illustration, one day Wu-Gene looked at what he was doing and said “Nope.” He has since switched his focus to game design and conceptual art and hopes to build a career in the game or movie industry. Wu-Gene will be attending graduate school at Digipen beginning in Fall of 2015. Give his full portfolio some love and see what else he can create!

Will Bio Pic

Will Kingstone officially joined the Reluctant Koala squad in June 2015 to bolster the team’s artistic firepower and to challenge Austin and Wu-Gene’s standing as chief tank historians.  Seriously, this guy knows his stuff. Even more importantly, he has a great background in vehicle design, even receiving some automotive design training outside of his studies at Cornish College of the Arts. After graduating from Cornish in Spring 2015, Will met the Reluctant Koala team at a networking event and was moved by their exceptional charm and grace. Our team also saw a lot of great parallels between his senior project, the N26 Barracuda, and our vision for design in AOTW. Will’s work on AOTW focuses on creating innovative tank concepts and sprites, with an eye toward realism and slightly battle worn looks. Beyond working on AOTW, Will aims to develop an artistic career, potentially in the gaming industry. Check out his website to see some of the reasons we wanted him on our team!

haramotoportrait2_640p_480David Haramoto joined the Reluctant Koala corps in August 2015 to bring the AOTW battlefield to life. It’s amazing how much more fun it is to test the game once things go ka-boom (don’t worry we’re just talking animations here). But, while his animations are flashy, David also brings a lot of substance to the team – including some exceptional tenacity.  After graduating from the University of Washington with a fine arts degree, David did a tour of duty in the retail world. After retiring from the retail world, David decided to explore the gaming universe to see if he could make a career out of a hobby. He worked through a game design program at Shoreline Community College in Seattle, and then got connected to us at AOTW through some of Mike’s shady Italian mob connections. We are incredibly excited to have him on board – he’ll be handling every animation in the game including explosions, EMP effects, and missile smoke trails to name a few. Also, don’t tell him this yet but we may even try to get him working on some game design problems. Give his website a look to learn more and see some of his previous work. Boom!



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  1. Curt Liljegren is our lead blog commenter. After living with Rich, Austin, and Mike, he now spends most of his time commenting on the AOTW blog.

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