Are you looking for experience in the video game marketing world? We are looking for an aspiring video game marketing professional!

Surrounded_Rocket Launch

The best stories start with an apocalypse. In Armour on the Wastes (AOTW) “wild-west” mercenaries torch tanks and salvage ancient starships in a universe struggling to get back to its feet. In this world of grim revival players must learn how to make tough moral trade-offs as they become skilled, battle-hardened mercenary tank warriors.  But first, someone needs to tell the world that this game exists. We are a team of 4 indie game makers looking for an aspiring, indie community management and marketing professional to join our team.

Frozen by turrets

We are located in Seattle, but we are willing to work remotely with the right person! Present duties would include managing our website, Twitter, and Facebook accounts. This would include some content generation—playing current builds of the game and taking screenshots, gifs, and video clips to post online.

Torching enemies on the cliffs

Later stage duties will include more work interacting with the gaming media at large. Among other things, you would have the opportunity and responsibility to reach out to game journalists, “Let’s Play” You-tubers, Twitch streamers, and other community members to solicit coverage for AOTW. Our target release date is October 2017, so you would also likely have greater release management responsibilities around that time.

Explosion at the Wreck Site

We have been working on AOTW for 2.5 years now, and last September we exhibited at the 2016 Seattle Indies Expo Competition during the PAX weekend! All members of our team work on the game part-time and pursue other “day jobs” or grad school during the rest of their time. We expect that you would also have other pursuits and ask only that you can commit to AOTW consistently on a part time basis. We are not in a position to pay a salary (none of us are taking a salary from AOTW either), but (after a one-month trial period) you would become an official member of our LLC and have a stake in any profits. Beyond money, most members of our team are looking to gain a foothold in the indie gaming industry. Ultimately, most of us hope to use this game as a stepping stone to a longer term career in the gaming industry.

Point Defense Laser Urban Battle

Please look through our website at aotwgame.com to learn a little bit more about the gameplay of Armour on the Wastes. Be sure to check out our team page if you want to learn more about us: aotwgame.com/team. If you are interested in working with us, please contact Mike at michael.rebagliati@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Armour on the Wastes—we look forward to talking with you soon!