Animation Action

Can you imagine a fun combat game without animations? Neither can we. That’s why we went out last summer and found an awesome animating teammate in David Haramoto. Since joining the team, David has done an outstanding job jumping in and figuring out how to bring Armour on the Wastes to life.

Of course, when things are all said and done David’s animations will permeate just about every part of the game. But, we thought a good place to start would be on some of our weapon damage effects. A reader with an absurdly convenient sense of timing might ask: What are these weapon damage effects? Let’s check them out.

Recently, we updated on Firing Points, which is fun. But, one principle we are striving to follow in AOTW  is – give players more bang for their buck. One fun way to do this is to pair damage effects with the weapons. Why settle for a cannon when you can have a acid cannon? Why settle for a missile when you can have a crippling EMP missile?

Check out the GIFS below to see a couple of our gnarly damage effects in action. More to follow in future posts!

Phalanx Cryo

Phalanx Cryo

Above, the Phalanx has fired off a Cryo round into the Sunean tank. As the ice crystals form, the enemy tank is temporarily frozen.

Then, in the next example, you can see the Falchion rocketing an EMP missile at another unfortunate Sunean. Beyond the crackling EMP lightning you can also see the missile’s kick and smoke trail if you look closely.

Falchion EMP

Falchion EMP

In our third example below you can see the speedy Alita using it’s acid cannon round. Unlike the previous effects, the Acid does not immobilize the enemy. However, as you see the green acidic bubbles forming, the acid is eating away at the enemy tank hull, sapping the enemy’s strength. You might also notice the Alita running away after firing off an acid round. While this may not be necessary when up against just one tank, it’s a useful tactic to keep in mind. Especially with the Alita, which is the fastest tank in the game, it can be useful to hit an enemy with acid and then take cover while the acid does its damage.

Alita Acid Attack

Alita Acid Attack

Thanks for reading – we hope you enjoyed this update. As we come out with more animations, we’ll keep samples up on our new GIFS and Videos page.


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