Firing Points

Here’s a fun dev update: Firing Points now work on most of our tank models! What does this mean? Well, until now for the sake of convenience any armament type fired from any of our tanks would magically  originate from roughly the same point on the tank.

While the prospect of a tank that can fire a laser, cannon, missile, and machine gun out of the same exact spot is amusing and technically fascinating, we want to have a semi-realistic vibe going in Armour on the Wastes. So, we decided to put some time into making distinct firing points on each tank for a given weapon type. It turns out this little detail actually added a lot to the visual presentation of our game as well as to the level of immersion in the game play itself. Some aspects of this feature will still need to be fine tuned as development progresses, but check out a few sample screenshots below to get a sense of how this will look!

Falchion Laser Firing Points

Let’s look first at one of our favorite tanks, the versatile Falchion, in action with dual point lasers firing away against some poor, outgunned Sunean. Note that laser firing points mirror barrel firing points AKA dual barrels mean dual lasers. Nice.

Falchion Machine Gun & Laser


Next, we have another shot of the trusty Falchion in action with its lasers. However, if you look closely, here you can also see a stream of machine gun fire emitting from a small point in the middle of the turret. As a backup, auxiliary weapon, machine gun fire does not mirror barrel firing points but rather remains singular.

Falchion Dual Barrel Acid

Of course, we would be remiss to talk about firing points and not hit directly on the bread and butter – dual barrel firing points. Looking to the left, you can see the Falchion (sensing a theme?) firing its double acid cannon shot at another unfortunate Sunean. Success.
Falchion Dual Barrel Acid ExplosionAnd, here’s a continuation of the double barrel action – just for fun. As you can see another Sunean came over to help from the bottom of the map. But, sadly things didn’t work out as he was promptly hit with an EMP missile.

But, lest you think that the Falchion is the only tank for which we actually set up multiple firing points, we included a few shots of a newer tank, the super heavy Potemkin. It has four cannon barrels and four lasers. Because why not?

Potemkin Quad CannonPotemkin Quad Laser