About the Game

What is Armour on the Wastes?Logo (Dawn) Clear BG

Armour on the Wastes is an independent, genre defying action, strategy and role-playing game. Armour on the Wastes’s intricate and thought-provoking single-player campaign is ripe with both complex tactical and moral decisions, and it is designed to accommodate a wide range of players. If you’re curious about what kind of game Armour on the Wastes actually is, you’ve come to the right place.

How does Armour on the Wastes play?

As a brave mercenary of the Knights of EOS, the player takes control of a single tank and strives to complete the objectives assigned by paying clients. The battles of the campaign can range from small armored skirmishes with limited aims to large, decisive confrontations involving diverse armies. As you progress through the campaign, you upgrade and customize the weapons, components, and chassis of your vehicle to better fit your playstyle. Your tactical and strategic prowess is more important than your reflexes; matters of loadout, positioning, terrain, and even your choice of objectives all have a critical impact on the success of your campaign.

The Universe of Armour on the Wastes

Armour on the Wastes features a rich universe with a storied history and many diverse locations. Each faction in the game approaches the battlefield differently, and has its own motivations for getting involved in the unfolding conflict.











Branching Storyline and Responsive World

Armour on the Wastes also features an expansive storyline that responds to your actions. Each mission in Armour on the Wastes presents you with a choice of multiple strategic objectives which have varying benefits and rewards. Completing different objectives will impact your allies and your opponents in different ways, and you will want to replay each mission more than once to experience the battle from a different perspective. Also, if you don’t care about story, you can just blast your way through the campaign and keep on upgrading your tank — we’ve accounted for that possibility too.

Strategic Action

Gear your vehicle towards the playstyle you prefer, whether that means a monster with superior firepower, a raider with unparalleled mobility, a stealthy, low-profile ambush vehicle, or some other unconventional setup — such as a hover tank. Choose from a wide array of weaponry ranging from conventional ballistics to high-powered lasers with distinct strengths and weaknesses. Equip yourself with specialized tools such as a state-of-the-art “smart” minesweeper, an infrared rangefinder — or even a bonafide stealth generator.

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